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Get paid to design: for London cutting-edge club promoter

Intro: This is a snippet of the message I received from the club promotor Martyn Fitzgerald. It is a competition open (students of Design Communciations) at Cavendish College have been asked to design the following:

Part One: to design an A3 poster for a London club night at a leading London club. If your design is given the thumbs-up/the green-light. If it’s accepted then you’ll need to adapt the design into a club-flyer too. £100 prize and your design printed and displayed in leading music venues and night spots around London. And free entry to the club on the night.

PART 1: Design brief
Overall style: Innocence, but not childish
Inspiration: children’s drawings
Render: marker pens and/or felt tip pens
Visual language: a house with a garden, people, flowers etc., with speech bubbles
Wording at top: in the speech bubbles: (a) Mummy’s going to Nosh It and (b) DO YOU LIKE MY HOUSE? The party is on April 15th at East Bloc, 217 City Road, EC1V IJN. 10.30pm - 4.30am.  £6.  

Files: logo (that was drawn in felt tip!) 

Clients reservations: unsure if the final look should be a bit dark and meaningful of full of light and sparkle? The reason I liked the felt tip look is it’s slightly different. NOTE: I definitely want to avoid the cliche’s (generic gay/six pack pretty boy vibe).  

Payment: £100

Briefed received from client: This morning (Thursday 24 March 2011)

This evening (Thursday 24 March 2011) at the strike of midnight!

A personal message from the promotor: It’s £100 cash and I need a poster and then it to be adapted to a flyer.  Is this something one of them would want to pick up?  I know it’s no time but a first draft by this evening would be ideal if they are up for it. Cheers, Martyn


Follow on as Part Two: Club identity

This is to be discussed at a later date. Not now. But here’s info.

Design a club visual identity.
Client is open to suggestions – it’s pretty much carte blanche

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